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Educational Loon Trunks
In 2006, the Montana Loon Society developed four educational loon trunks to increase public knowledge and awareness about loons. They are available for use in Montana's public schools (grades K-12), private schools and home schools.

Contained in the trunks are books, posters, puppets, and loon related art and activities. For a full list click on Trunk Contents for a list of materials
and click on Trunk Table of Contents for detailed descriptions of included materials.

Teachers can check trunks out for up to three weeks, free of charge, from the U.S. Forest Service and from the Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes. The Montana Natural History Center charges a small fee for storage and maintenance, but grants are available from MLS to cover the cost.

Want to reserve a trunk and explore on your own?
Click here to find out how.

Sample Loon Trunk Activities

Click below for examples of loon related activities:
1 - Migration Math, Migration Math (Teachers Page), 2 - Ranger Report,
Ranger Report (Teacher's Page), 3 - Crossword, 4 - Loon Day Math

Click below for examples of loon related primary school activities:
1 - Loon Survival, 2 - Loon Survival Page 2

Click below for examples of loon related art projects:
1 - Paint a Loon, 2 - Create a Loony Coin