Over thirty years ago, local volunteers began monitoring common loons in Montana. These volunteers recognized that the increase of human recreational pressures on lakes, shoreline development and springtime angling in nesting areas were having an impact on Montana’s common loon population. Today, the need is greater than ever. To help, join the Montana Loon Society.

Montana Loon Society Annual Membership Levels

Single Loon
Loon Chick
Breeding Pair
Territorial Pair
Sustaining Member
Raft of Loons
Loon Lake
Life Member

Pay Through Paypal

A Montana Loon Society Membership can be obtained by using PayPal, a quick and easy way to join.
Choose “Donate” below.  Then choose your level of membership amount on the next screen and select “Donate with Paypal (if you have an account) or Debit or Credit card.

Pay By Check

To pay by check or money order, please send your membership or donation to:

Montana Loon Society

P.O. Box 2386
Missoula, MT 59806

Click here to print our membership brochure, Welcome to the Montana Loon Society.


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Montana Loon License Plate

To further support the Montana Loon Society and its mission, purchase our sponsored license plate for your Montana vehicle. This beautiful plate is from Monte Dolack’s “Loons of the Swan Valley.”
To enjoy our Montana Loon Society license plate on your Montana vehicle and help loons, visit your local county courthouse and ask for the Loon Plate. $20.00 of each loon plate sold will be donated to the Montana Loon Society.
The Society must sell 400 of these plates each year for our plate to continue to be offered. Although the Montana Loon Society does not receive any more funds from a “Forever” plate after the first year purchased, a “Forever” plate on a Montana vehicle counts toward the 400 plates per year. Trailer license plates count, too, so please consider placing our plate on your utility, horse, and recreational trailers, too.



The Montana Loon society offers a large selection of long sleeve ($20.00) or short sleeve ($15.00) quality t-shirts and hats ($12.00) for the loon enthusiast who wants to support the Society, or use as a gift to show you care. (When ordering, please add $5.00 for shipping and handling for the first item ordered and $1.00 more for each additional item.)

All items are printed with the Montana Loon Society logo.

T-shirts are available in a large range of colors. Not all colors are available all the time. Please state two color choices. Green and blue are the most common colors ordered, so we usually have t-shirts in green and blue available.

T-shirt sizes including small, medium, large, extra-large, and 2X.


Hats are one size and only available in tan at this time.

Orders can be placed using PayPal, above, or by sending a check or money order to:
Montana Loon Society
P.O. Box 2386 Missoula,
MT 59806


The Montana Loon Society takes part in a variety of events each year. Here are a few that are held every year.
  • Spring Loon Day Count/Survey – the closest Saturday to May 15
  • Summer Loon Day Count/Survey – the closest Saturday to July 15
  • CLWG Summer Meeting – usually the week following the Saturday July Loon Day Count. (Contact Us for the location and date each year.)
  • September or Early October—MLS Annual Board and Membership Meetings – usually in late September or early October. (Contact Us for the location and date each year.)


The following is a collection of articles and information on common loons.

Loon Articles:

  • American Bird Conservancy, Species Profile: Common Loon, by Lynn Kelly


  • The Uncommon Loon,
    by Amy Hetrick Jacobs.

Online Articles of Interest

Loon Ranger


Montana Field Guide

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Common Loon Images Provided by:

@Daniel Poleschook, Jr. and Virginia R. Poleschook