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Welcome to the Montana Loon Society web site and thank you for your interest in Montana’s common loons. The Montana Loon Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that common loons continue to be a part of the landscape of the “Last Best Place” so that our children can experience the beauty and mystery of this bird and its calls on our lakes.

Specifically, our purpose is to:

• Monitor Montana’s loon population.
• Protect and enhance critical loon habitat.
• Facilitate cooperation between government agencies, lakeshore owners, and the general public on behalf of loons.
• Identify management needs and obtain funds for these projects.
• Increase public knowledge and awareness about loons.

Like to watch Montana Loons? Click HERE to see what you could win if you report banded loons that you see this summer. (Some rules and restrictions apply).

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We hope you enjoy visiting our site and if you live in Montana, to help Montana's loons, please consider purchasing our new sponsored license plate, which can be obtained at any county courthouse.

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